Ordering New cross fire complete

Do you guys have any suggestions on what to expect as to building it ? It looks like you have to do a complete assembly. Can or should I add height control to it?

Torch height control (THC) can be a pest at times…but in the end if you are going to buy a plasma table…buy the THC…
nothing worse than cutting metal without THC and end up with the tip touching the metal as it warps.
No sheet sits perfectly flat or stays flat…THCis the way to go
as for building the table…it is actually very simple…go slow…follow the instructions…and read the forums for advice and help…

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Thank’s for the information. Im going out today to buy a laptop to run it any suggestions?

I use a desktop PC…but search laptop here and you will get some ideas.
consider the software you are going to use…
is it dedicated to the table?

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There has been a lot of success with people buying "miniPC"s. These are low power, small devices with Windows 10 preloaded on it. Search the forum and you’ll find some good examples, some with touch screens. This is about the lowest cost implementation (short of buying a used, outdated, computer) IF all you’re trying to do is run your machine. You won’t do CAD on it, but I think most of us use a separate, higher power (and far more comfortable) computer for design.

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Thank you for taking the time to respond. I just picked up a new laptop with 12g ram . What is the usb cable end that’s used? From the computer to cross fire?

I believe that it is a printer type cable but DO NOT go and buy one because the cable is included with your CrossFire table.

Thank’s for getting back to me. I did order a 10’ off Amazon. I’ve been trying to call and get a order with them but it’s been crazy trying to get someone on the phone. Have you had any issues with service with them? I’m a little worried about doing business with a company who doesn’t have a dedicated team that can take calls for sales and service.

Langmuir are great for service…but please keep in mind that they do 95% online.
your best action is to place the order online…reach them through their online support.

I have had great service with them…so have many others…but there are always some people who are never satisfied…

Alex called me and we had a great conversation and I placed the order. I think that there phone system needs a update. We are going into 2021… If you have called the same number I did you would agree.
Yes I know all to well about people who can’t be satisfied with anything. 22 years law enforcement.

as I stated on another thread…welcome to the new addiction of cutting metal with electrical computerized fire…over water…grunt …grunt…grunt…

Thanks look forward to more posts. I also ordered sheet cam and im on the list for the height control system.

so you got the 2’ x 2’ table and waiting for THC for that unit?..

Yes Sir,
And the laptop mount also. They said early 2021

Welcome to the family!
When you finish the build make sure all couplers are tight, keep all cables from overlapping each other to prevent dirty voltage and make sure they are fully connected. If you are using the laptop stand use some kind of insulation between the laptop and stand. Some people have had problems with the laptop sitting directly on the stand. I use a piece of OSB and haven’t had any problems “yet” and have been cutting for three months. If you have any problems be sure to reach out to the Forum!
Have fun!