Only cutting part of the file [SOLVED]

Hey all, I’m brand new to all of this and still learning, so bear with me.

I’ve successfully cut a few simple designs and parts, but I’m having trouble with a sign I’m making for a friend. When I use the simulation tool in 360, it looks like the cutter will cut the entire design, but when I connect to the table and do a dry run, the torch only moves through part of the design and then stops.

I don’t know how to share the file, but there are red diamonds with exclamation marks saying “Invalid NC program.” I suspect this might be where the problem is, but I don’t know how to fix it.

Any help is appreciated!

You can share by using “Export”.

A good starting point is to check to see if you have some geometry (small shapes/spaces) that conflict with the values in your CAM settings, specifically Lead-In/Out values.

Until you get green check marks here, don’t bother to try to create G-Code.

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Thanks, I’ll have another look at the Lead-In/Out values when I’m at the computer. How will I know if they conflict?

I’ll also share the file once I’m back at my desk.

Here’s the file.!AkyhOW5wMTdFjDNh5JIoNBGvB4w2?e=rBQncq

Try exporting that file again as Bret shows above

I don’t know how else to export it. I clicked “export,” it saved to my computer, right clicked on it, and shared it here. Sorry guys, computers aren’t my strong suit.!AkyhOW5wMTdFjDNh5JIoNBGvB4w2?e=4nBy24

Okay, let’s try this.

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Have the file open in Fusion then

Make sure you are saving as a F3g file
Last make sure your saving it where you can find it. here you can see Its going to my down load folder.

Then reply to this message and upload it here


samantha2 v4.f3d (2.5 MB)

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I don’t have time to mess with this right now, But if you look all your lead is and outs are on the wrong side. That line is just what the torch is going to cut.
You need to study up on your cut settings for your 2D profile settings. There is a search in the top right of your screen you can find hundreds of posts regarding profile settings.

I would delete all the NC programs and Set ups and start over.
Just right click on one and you will see you can delete them.
I’m sure someone will chime in also

Nice looking design by the way!

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I am going to try to look at this on the live stream . It has been awhile.

15minutes or so

@elemental I produced a cut path while going over some of the issues in the video above.

I hope the helps with the CAM selection

here is the modded file from the video

samantha2 v4 tin mod.f3d (1.4 MB)


@Knick & @TinWhisperer Thanks a bunch!!

I watched the video twice, and likely will watch it again while taking notes. VERY helpful. A couple things talked about in the video that I might touch on just for clarification/feedback: the stock I’m cutting is 3/16", so that’s why the travel speed is low. But yes, I absolutely should just look in the manual for my machine…

Previously, I’ve been using the face contour to select my tool paths, but for some reason, this time it was only selecting the border and the flower. None of the letters would be picked up – not sure what I was doing wrong – so that’s why I ended up doing it the hard way.

I have a question, why do you drop the tolerance to .004"? Just curious what that does.

Again, thanks a BUNCH for the help from you guys!!! Lots to learn here.

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If you want your text to behave properly when in Manu mode, follow this sequence IF you are creating text using a text box:

Create the text box, add the text, then “Explode” the text

Then “Unfix” the text so it can be edited, such as making it a stencil font or resizing it. The lines should change to blue color. Occasionally you have to select and Unfix it twice for some reason.

When your design is complete, “Extrude” the whole thing to create a Body. Your text will look like a whole.

Explode Text Example 3

Single line text is a different procedure.

I loaded the edited file into Mach3 created by @TinWhisperer , and it’s only running part of the tool path. What did I do wrong?

Screenshot (2)

post the tap file.

I hope I did this right.

SMG.tap (56.0 KB)

Looks good.

That tap file has all the information.

Maybe a Mach3 user can chime in ?


Quick search here in the Mach3 forum, and my (most recent) problem was because I was running the demo version. Paid for the license and now it shows the complete file.

THANKS for all the help!!

Screenshot (3)


Be still my beating heart!!!

A young Padiwan has advanced to full Jedi…congratulations…


Haha, guilty as charged. We give people the same kind of grief over on the Mopar forum. However, I will say I still came away with some great tips in the process!

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