Okay what am I missing? [SOLVED]

I’m running a pro with a razor weld 45 thc , using fusion as my cam ! Here’s the issue my torch goes down touches off material raises to one inch , fires drives down to pierce height .then takes off to run program , I have pierce height set at .080 , there’s something I am missing ???

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Do a small test design, create the GCode file and cut and paste the text here. That usually provides a clue.

After you’ve posted a few times you’ll be able to do file uploads.


G90 G94

(2D Profile1)
G0 X1.4235 Y1.3515
G92 Z0.
G38.2 Z-5. F100.
G38.4 Z0.5 F20.
G92 Z0.
G0 Z0.04 (IHS Springback + Backlash)
G92 Z0.
G0 Z0.8 (Pierce Height)
G4 P1.
G0 Z0.063 (Cut Height)
G1 X1.253 Y1.253 F70.
G2 X-1.253 I-1.253 J0. F70.
G2 X1.253 I1.253 J0.
G1 X1.4235 Y1.1546
G0 Z1.


Your pierce height is set at .8". It should be .08" if you want that as a pierce height.

Somewhat unrelated, your springback and backlash is probably excessive at .04"


Thank you don’t know how I missed that I will edit it on fusion , and give it a try , thanks , as for spring back I have never ask it what would be good ball park to start at ?

Backlash accounts for backlash in the lead screw. My testing showed that there was basically no backlash in a relatively new assembly. Springback accounts for the metal flexing when the Torch presses on it. 1/8" and up usually doesn’t flex from the Torch pressing on it.

For anything 1/8 and up, I would set that at zero. You can pause during a cut and measure the actual torch height.

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