Not finding my gcodes in firecontrol

I just had to replace my old computer and trying to get everything setup again. I am unable to find the download on firecontrol , all my older jobs are there but I haven’t been able to find anything new I load. Has anyone ever had this problem?

Are the downloads are available here

maybe its going into a different folder?

Are you saying only some of the files made it to your new computer from your old computer?

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Yes I need to clarify though after I post process and it says that it was successful when I go to firecontrol to upload the file it’s not there. Where could it be going to?

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Fusion or SheetCAM? Occasionally when I loose a file, I’ll go back and re-post, noting which directory is selected. If Fusion, also make sure the extension is still .NC

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Fusion 360 it does have .nc

The default location from Fusion is My Documents/Fusion 360/NC Programs.
Just double check your output folder.

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This what tool path it shows

If I manually type it in in the gcode files it says it is invalid

click this folder with the eyeball and it will open the output folder you have selected.

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I must not have something downloaded right it says I don’t have an app to load this file what app should I be using?

word or any document reader will open an NC file

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I will have download something it doesn’t have word or any document reader on here

You should have Notepad. Comes with windows.

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Ok I did find notepad and it gives me the name but it doesn’t show up in firecontrol

Where is FireControl looking when you select the green load button?

It’s looking in my old files of fusion 360. Can make a new folder and get it to show up there.

Just change the Output folder from the Post screen. Select the folder next to the one with eye (as Tin mentioned above.) Navigate to your old Fusion files folder and click Select folder.


Yea haw that worked. you guys deserve a little extra in your stocking this Christmas. I hate trying to get a new computer setup. I just had gotten used to where everything was at in my old one. I really appreciate it

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