Not completing cuts when increasing cut speed

Running Crossfire Pro with THC, Everlast 82i, Fusion 360. Cutting 14GA steel, when I first started using my table I used the the default 40IPM with 40 Amps and the cuts are good however a lot of dross. I recently tried 80 IPM and have no dross, very clean cut. The problem is that at 80IPM cut cuts do not complete. It seems like the torch moves to the next cut before it completes a cut. I have set the overlap to .50 and it cuts more but still does not complete the cut. If I slow down the cut to 40IPM it will complete.
Any suggestions?
Thank you in advance for your help

All those numbers sound painfully slow for the operation you’re doing.

For an example I cut quite a bit of 14 gauge at 250 in per minute at 45 amps. Mind you I do have a hypertherm. I can imagine you’ll be up in the 200 in per minute range when it’s running right.

What pressure are you running at your plasma torch?

What cut height are you running?

Is your work clamp securely fastened to the material you’re cutting?

What is the current condition of your consumables?

Is this a new program you’re running for the first time or an existing program?


I agree. Running 75 psi, cut height is .063, work clamp is directly on the metal, new consumables, first time program.

Why 75 psi? Is that with the air flowing with the “air check” button? That has to be in the Red zone on your air display. 65psi is a more appropriate pressure to use at 40 amps.

I run an Everlast 52i and cut 14ga at 35 amps, 120 ipm with 65 psi, .15" pierce and .06 cut height.

Post some of your code, so we can see what’s going on.

I will run a test coupon with your settings and reply with the results, settings and G code.
Thank you

Thank you very much. I cut a test coupon with the following settings;
test 90ipm 65psi 35amps .15pierce .06cut height. And it cut very nice.
if it is not too much trouble can you share your settings for 1/8" and 1/4" steel.
Thanks again, you rock :slight_smile:

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i ment 120IPM

I cut a lot of 1/8" steel and I get the best overall results with 40 amps at 100 ipm, 65 psi, .15 pierce and .06 cut height, .5 seconds pierce delay.

I don’t cut much 1/4", so I have some settings that work OK, but not good enough to share.

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Thank you very much

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