No Z movement after upgrade to20.5

here is my configuration, crossfire pro with hypertherm powermax 600/machine torch
firecontrol v20.5 after ugrade and v1.6 of posts both in sheetcam(6.0.30) since this upgrade i cannot get the Z axis (torch height) to actuate. prior to the upgrade i had run the F Bomb program and some others with no problem whatsoever. I am at wits end.2020-12-13T06:00:00Zorn2020copper.tap (101.5 KB)

this is the file in question, it runs good, torch fires and refires only approximately 1" above the shet because there is no thc or anything moving the Z axis. im confused.

I looked at your file, there is no GCode for IHS (initial height sense). My guess is you didn’t define a cut and pierce height in your tool setup in Sheetcam. If both are zero the post processor assumes you don’t have a motorized Z and that you have manually set the height. See screenshot below (don’t use those settings, that is just some random tool I had set).

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good catch Greg…I am not into the programming as much yet…

well, as of yesterday i am running again. i reset the pierce height to .060 and cut height to .150 in my sheetcam tool definition and made sure everything was up to date and reprocessed the file and off we run. thanks to all for your help and council

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