No buttons to push?

when in the machine post window and i put in mach3 for processer the window does not display the bottom buttons ok and post any help would be great

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Since this was more of a question than an introduction, I moved it to the software/mach3 section to get more appropriate eyes looking at it.

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Do you have an older machine that runs on Mach 3? The tables produced in the last couple of years run on Firecontrol.

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I’m assuming your referring the post window in Fusion 360? If so, I’ve also had a similar problem that the default window location is too low on the screen. Try dragging the post window higher on the screen.

If not, kindly disregard… :slight_smile:

Might be more Software/Fusion360 CAM question?

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Yeah, I think you’re right. I keyed in on Mach3 and didn’t register that he was talking about post.

Well, we won’t know until @Trick answers @Simsworx 's question…