NIB Crossfire Pro w/ torch height controller/welder for sale NY

Hello all,

I purchased this during the CV19 with the expectation that I was going to be working from home. That never happened and now unfortunately I do not have the time to use it. I would be open to shipping if you are willing to pay for the cost. I would however prefer to sell locally. I am in the lower Hudson Valley of NYS and in the Pocono PA area on weekends.

By my calculations, you would be saving about $350 at this time. I have never opened any of the boxes. I have also spoken with the people at Langmuir numerous times and can report that they have 5 star customer service. Please private message me if interested.

1|CrossFire PRO CNC Plasma Table|1| $2500

1|Plasma CutterRazorweld Razorcut 45|1| $900

1|[PRO] Automatic Torch Height Controller|1| $400.00|

hey im interested, was just looking at a new one and saw this post, i cant seem to figure out how to private message you tho, not sure if its because my account is new. im in northern nj

Yes I still have it and the boxes have never been opened. I can send you pictures of the boxes this weekend. Or you can come see it for yourself. I saw that you posted 2 emails. I actually have everything about 45 minutes from Vernon.

Hey is this still for sale? If so is it a batch one or batch two? Im in CT and im definitely interested.

Yea I bought and picked it up a week or 2 ago