Newbie in Nevada

I found a Crossfire on Marketplace. It is a few years old but hasn’t been used for over a year. The owner upgraded to a laser. I can’t pick it up until this coming weekend. He said he would throw in a computer with Mach3 on it. Is that pre Fire Control?

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If it runs under Mach 3, then, yes, it is a Gen 1 system. There is nothing wrong with this. My system and a few thousand others run using Mach 3 just fine.

It’s easier to customize your system as the electrical interfaces are better documented and easily expanded. You willl find plenty of examples here.


Is it upgradable? Is there a reason to upgrade?

For a hefty amount of money, you can replace your working controller with one that is compatible with Langmuir’s FireControl software. Then you can add on features that only Langmuir sells and eventually gets working over time. Alternative is to add your own features and retain control of your system.

From the above comment, you can easily see I have a particular bias on this matter. I readily admit that. Others have a different opinion on this. I recognize those as well.

I highly recommend that you get what you have working and producing good quality cuts before you worry about changing anything or adding on.