Newbie in Indiana, needing advice!

Hey all, just got my XR together last week. I’m trying to make my own business out of this. Wondering if anyone had some marketing tips to help get my name out there. I’ve made a fb page and have an online store. Trying to figure out how to sell more locally or maybe work with another business to try to help each other, thanks!

Hey, welcome to the forum! Evansville here.

What type business are you trying to get: art; signs; automotive parts; …? Of course website for volume sales. Shipping costs are a killer right now. Local? Craft fairs, sales in existing stores like craft, sporting goods, automotive, bars.

II think it’s like any other business, you have to decide if you are going to go high volume or stay low volume and look for higher cost, one-off sales.


I do it for fun but I would recommend doing a bunch of cutting and designing before getting too many people asking for things you can’t deliver. It takes a few months to really get good and comfortable. If you get stuck on a design your on right forum for help. We all have had the startup pains that come with new machine and equipment. GL


Yea I get what you mean, I’ve basically just been advertising “cut ready dxf files” I have. I’ve recently decided to do it full time. I’ve got a roller/bender/welder/mill and various other stuff. I’m limited on funds and materials. What I do have I was wanting to make things and take em around my local area. Just trying to get an idea of what would be the next best step considering I am still very amateur on CAD designing. Getting better everyday tho!

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Ultimately I’d like to make custom off road products, but for right now I’m just trying to get some business going. I’ve got a welder,bender,roller,mill and the hypertherm 85 so I can do a variety of things. Working with another person in the same field who be ideal but until then, I’m just trying to build this business the best I can. And take any advice anyone has for me. I’m in Lebanon IN.