Newbie Hypertherm Setting Question

The Hypertherm cut charts in the manual reference “Voltage” when setting up the machine.
My Powermax 65 has an amperage setting. No voltage. What am I missing?


You’re not missing anything. Voltage is set automatically and maintained via THC. Torch to work distance changes the voltage.

I know what you mean. Here are some tips for that machine. I add .2-.4 sec of pierce delay per book settings. Ex I pierce 3/16 at .5 sec but I usually add 20 to 30 percent on 1/4 in the FC which is a nice features bc if you say forgot to set the proper pierce or are cutting a diff material, you can change it on the fly.

I cut 1/4" mild steel at 80ipm usually. 3/16 I set to 63 amps and cut at 125imp 1/8 I cut at 180 ipm at 52 amps, all with the regular consumables using the copper plus electrode. Anything thinner than 1/8, consider using the fine cut consumables. The speed settings are pretty close in the book, the pierce delay is what differs. Its just going to take some cut time to see where you like things to be. I cut and weld for a living so I can hear the tiny little thing when my machine isn’t cutting right. You’ll get an ear for it. Use the .06 cut height the book suggests and also the .150 pierce height. Those seem to be spot on.

I think the hyp therm book is set at the 65 amps and that is the voltage reading they get. That voltage will change depending on consumable life and how high off the table your torch is. That is why THC is nice.


Voltage should be automatically set and it should also automatically fluctuate depending on how high you lift the torch off of the metal that you are cutting.

Thank you guys. I went to the Hypertherm cut chart to get a starting setup. Everything made sense until I got to the recommended “Voltage” setting. Thanks to your help I think I get it now.