Newbie getting spots in my small holes

plz help what can I do to get the small spots out of these holes

Dont see any holes… if your referring to the stuff on the edges, its call dross, and thats not to bad… comes right off with a flap disk…

Im sorry if you click on the pic you can see the whole thing ,its got to be something im doing in sheetcam

Looks like some of the toolpaths are getting placed outside your cut lines. This would put your lead-ins and lead-outs on the outside as well. Possibly creating those “divots”… If you a preview of your cuts are the green lead-in/out arrows on the outsides?

clean it up and post another pic, but it looks like your pierce delay is to long, and your not using lead ins or lead outs…


The torch will make a larger width while it pierces than it does when it’s moving and cutting. The longer it sits in one spot, the bigger the “hole”. Thats why you use the lead in/out… Your pierce will be in a section that doesn’t matter.

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