Newbie from Arkansas

Hey there, newbie from Arkansas here. I placed my order for a crossfire pro last week… I have been running 3d printers for years, and got tired of hitting up buddies to design and cut metal stuff for me…

I’m planning on solid axle swapping my durango, and designing and cutting brackets for that… my wife is also crafty, so planning on cutting junk for her etsy store as well.

welcome to the forum…looks like you might have a leg up on people here…

do not hesitate to reach out to anyone for questions…we are a fun bunch…

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Thanks… I’m also going to use my primeweld cut60 instead of the razorweld. I have read of decent success with this combination, so hoping I see the same

Welcome to the forum. I am a newbie too and my shipment should be arriving soon.
You mentioned that you have a 3D printer? I just purchased a Sovol SV03 about 2 weeks ago and have be learning the different slicing programs that are available. I have tried Cura, Prusa and Super Slicer. What make and model of 3D printer do you have ? What have you tried for slicing and what works best for you?
If you do a search for 3D, printing you will see items that you can print out for your CrossFire Pro.

Here is the hyperlink.

Hey BC,
I run a fairly modified Folgertech FT-5. For Slicing, I love Simplify3d and have been running it for almost 5 years now, but they dont keep it as updated as they should. For example, it doesnt have options for tree supports. It also is a paid solution at roughly $150 for two concurrent activations (My dad and I split the cost and both run one activation each).