New X45 torch consumables

Hey guys I’ve got the upgraded X45 torch ordered. But my power supply is the small 30i machine. Danny Downs advised that I find 30A Hypertherm powermax consumables that fit the torch. Spoke to one person who says the 30XP consumables fit the torch. But I’m just looking for confirmation here. My weld shop has a lot of Hypertherm stuff. Any help on which 30A consumables that will work with the newer X45 torch?

The 30XP consumables will NOT work on the X45 torch only the old powermax 45 tips and electrodes will work and they are 45 amp.

Hey, I just came across one of your posts where you listed part #'s for 30A consumables on the X45 torch head. And that’s odd that you’d the 30XP fine cut aren’t compatible. I posted a question on Langmuir Facebook group and had a guy tell me that’s what he’s using.
You got any suggestions for me Mechanic? My torch is on the way & I’ll need 30A consumables for it because I’ve only got a 30A viper cut.