New to this and need some help


I just cut out a piece and noticed a lot of issues. If anyone out there has an explanation for why this is happening, it would be a great help.

for one, the program doesn’t fire the torch consistently. I have to keep stopping the program and running it from the line the issues started. And second, torch doesn’t cut consistently. I attached some pictures that shows what I’m talking about. I will attach the tap file I used, and I ran this at 75 ipm at 28 amps. the material is steel .076". I don’t understand why it continues to turn the torch off mid program.

Thanks in advance!

ps. nevermind. New users are not allowed to attach files.

  1. check your tip and the consumables…
  2. make sure your ground is attached to the work piece.
  3. is it a Pro with THC?

the first two I always double check…

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So why would you hook a ground to the work piece?

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LOL! :rofl: I knew it was coming!


let me clarify something before someone else does.
it is not really a ground…it is the positive side you clamp to the work piece…the negative is the cutting torch…now that is said…
you must clamp the work-piece with the Plasma clamp…do not clip to the water table…do not clip to the slats of the table…clip to the metal work piece.
you are not getting a proper contact for a proper arc to engange.


Thanks for your input everyone. I have been clamping to the water table, and will try clamping it directly to the work piece.

Just to update all that commented, the issue of my plasma losing the arc was due to the slat holder that came with my water table. It was bowing just enough to cause issues with the gap and therefore the cut quality.

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