New to Langmuir

Hello all,

Just ordered my Crossfire. Been scouring the web for all the videos I can find on what people would do differently during the setup and first project. I see there is a wealth of knowledge on this forum. I look forward to looking through all the posts.


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Welcome Shawn! Loads of info and good people on this forum always willing to help.


Hello Shawn, I have had mine for a few months and without the help here and on fusion website I would have sold it by now!

be careful of the videos…some are outdated and may point you in the wrong direction…when putting your table together…use only the Langmuir instructions directly from the website…not from youtube…to put it together…

when it arrives…give yourself lots of space…level and clean
lay out all the parts…
go through the instructions once and pull out the parts for each staep and place them aside…then read the instructions again
get your favorite drink…wobbly pops are a great help
take your time…double check each step…

it will go together and we will be here to help…

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Great advice, but you forgot the whisky. Got to have a dram or two as you step back and begin to get overwhelmed by all the parts. A sip or two will get you back on track :beers:

ahhhh…elixer of the Gods…picked up about 4 bottles over Christmas…there are so many small distilleries now making great “scotch”…
I have enough to build a few tables now