New Pro Setup Issue

After sitting 4 months in a box, I finally got the time to assemble my crossfire pro! I got the pro with the razorweld 45 and the THC. I have my gcode for my first cut from Fusion 360, which I think I got exported correctly, but no go.

My issue is that when I go to run the in FireControl, I get the error “TORCH STARTED MOVING BEFORE CUTTING VOLTAGE WAS SENSED”. I’m assuming since this has never run before that it’s something I messed up in setting it up. I have a feeling that it’s the way the THC is set up. I didn’t see anywhere in the initial set up manual where it says to connect a cable from right front port on the RazorCut to the electronics box. Even if there was, I don’t think I was provided a cord long enough to reach. heres a short video of where i’m at:

you need to connect the torch on/off cable from cutter to control box. the cable with the red ends is the torch on/of cable. you’ll need to cut those ends off and solder on the loose silver connector that should also be in the plastic bag it all came with. the connector should fit in the other plug in the cutter.

thanks for the response! I feel like for something that should have been “plug and play” (thats the way it’s advertised for the THC/razorcut/crossfire bought together), the cord with the correct end should have been included, no?

I mounted my THC box onto my plasma cutter and the short wire went from the plasma cutter to the THC box In port and the long wire went from the THC box DV Output to the table control box.

No cutting or soldering was needed.

The VIM Box is mounted on the plasma cutter you have it mounted on the electronics box, (this is why the diverter cable is not long enough) it also looks like you have the torch on/off in the divider port on the front of the razorweld 45. The razorweld 45 is plug and play, you don’t need to cut anything, the VIM Box has just 2 cables. at this link you can see the VIM Box on the cutter. the total instructions for the vim box and razorweld 45 are 3 paragraph.


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