New post (fish) , but wont run

Hello , setting up a new system and we have successfully cut a few small trial projects so far. However we pulled the .dxf of the fish from the fireshare and post processed it . when I read the lines it show about 4800 lines, however when I load it into the controller and dry run the program it stops on line 2500 and shows no alarm or any program beyond that point. Please send me any suggestions, thanks

Is it possible its stopping because mach3 isnt licensed? In mach3 at the top it should say “mach 3 Liscensed to…” if everything went right.

we have ran several smaller parts like a bottle opener and T post bracket, both seem to run correctly.

The unlicensed mach3 will only run a project of a small size and it just stops like you were describing if thats what it is then getting the license will solve it.

ok, will verify that the licensing is correct, thanks

Several smaller parts, such as a bottle opener and a T post bracket, have been tested and appear to work properly. The unlicensed Mach3 will only run a small project before stopping, as you described. If that’s the case, then getting the license will solve the problem.


this thread is 3 years old…just letting you know you are trying to wake a dead horse…