New member to forum

Finally joined but have been reading the forum for months. After reading bunch of information had initially thought about going with the crossfire but decided that better to go with the Pro table so have more cutting room. Going to run mine with an Everlast 82I. Going to see about getting a PTM60 machine torch from George as they seem to be the best all around way to go.
Even though I just joined I have reading the posts and really impressed with the members here and how they pull together to help others with problems. Hopefully i dont have any problems but if I do I know I have a good place to find answers.
Right now getting ready to build a new building so once closer on it will be ordering the Pro and completely be on team Langmuir!!



Welcome to the forum!

Sounds like you’ve got the right ‘tude’ to succeed! Have fun! Looking forward to your contributions!

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Couldn’t agree more!! Welcome Scott!! You’ll be making sparks in no time!!

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Cant wait to get my building built and get my Pro up and running. Will be several months yet but already looking forward to the first cut even if just a aimple circle lol

Welcome to the forum’s. Certainly a wealth of information around on almost every subject.

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I read tons of stuff on here before I joined and you are very correct, there is tons of knowledge on this forum. Pretty much an answer for just about any problem!!!

And, if we don’t have an answer, we’ll make one up! :rofl:


When in doubt fake it and make a good answer 0​:rofl::crazy_face:


welcome, i am a relatively new participating member here as well, and while i haven’t posted a lot of questions i have been reading like crazy for over a year. luckily most of the issues i have experienced so far have already been hashed out here in the forums. the amount of willing help here is fantastic. i have to say that without this forum i would probably been a fairly unhappy customer, not because the product is bad but because there is so dang much to learn in my opinion. without the forum i think i would have been overwhelmed to the point of giving up trying to figure out this cnc stuff.


Hey there! Welcome to the forum and thanks for using it as a tool for your learning and not to just vent at how sh**y you think your system is :smiley:

So many people don’t realize the huge learning curve. I come from both an IT and shop background and still it’s taken me quite a bit of time to feel proficient.

And I’m still learning



I can tell from reading that Langmuir makes a quality product and some people think it shoukd work perfect out of rhe box. Unfortunately more to it than just bolting it together and hitting a switch to cut a piece of metal like a bandsaw. Once i get mine I suspect my first cuts will be crappy because of me and not the machine. Kinda like garbage in garbage out lol. Good thing I love reading to learn more eqch and every day.

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I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth things went when I got mine, but had done a butt load of reading up and initial playing around with F360. Also I spent a fair amount of time once I got things running to do a lot of simple shapes to get stuff dialled in rather than jumping into a huge intricate cuts and wasting time and sheet metal


I have been reading for months on here trying to absorb knowledge on various ideas to make it better and also to be able to anticipate and solve problems.

Sounds like you’ll do fine

And make sure you post pics!! :grinning: :+1:

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Hello from S/W Idaho

Super excited to be a part of this brotherhood of fellow metal heads. Not an expert, looking forward to being part of this team of like-minded folks…

I have a pro table that I am assembling and loving every part of it.

Thanks to all that have replied to my questions on FB now that I know this is the place for the experts this is where I will go to expandmy understanding and grow.

Thanks again…

Lets cut some steel.



Welcome to the forum! You’re such a ‘charmer’! :roll_eyes:


That is the name of my Jet Boat… :smiley:

Welcome to the forum!! Cant wait to see your progress!!

welcome to the forum!

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Welcome, you will love the pro table.
You in Boise, Horseshoe bend, Idaho city, Nampa? I lived in Fernwood Idaho for 6 years in the panhandle of Idaho.

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