New here from OK

Hi gents-
Doing the long wait for my newly ordered CR Pro.
Though I’d say hey
Lots of info to digest already here…let the reading begin



Welcome aboard homie. Where in OK?

Howdy John… thanks for stopping in and saying Hi … Glad to have you here on the forum!!

Thanks boys-
I’m in the N/E side of OK…Talala

Still have that space capsule up there?

I believe so…right off the 169👍
I’m a little further south…closer to the border of Oologah

Hello John, Glad your here and yes there is so much great info from these guys. They know what there doing and can answer any questions you can put out there! I have had mine for a few months and if your new to all the programing i would say start today learning it!!! :rofl: :beer:
Let me just say if you start with fusion be prepared to be very very frustrated!!!

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Thanks Joe. I intend to follow your advice completely.
As the newest computer I have a home is still running windows Vista, I’m in the market for a new on…shop specific to run everything.
As soon as I pull the trigger on it I’ll dive in and get to learning

Welcome from another Oklahoma buyer. Haven’t fired mine yet . Did get it together and had one issue with lead screw. Langmuir took care of the problem. Good company.
I live in Sapulpa . It is fun putting these things together . Instructions are great. Good luck.

Thanks rstone! Good to have someone in the area if things go sideways

It’s not ‘if’, it’s ‘when’…
Welcome to the forum… :slightly_smiling_face:

#TRUTH!!! :wink: Thanks Tom