New guy from Texas

I’m getting ready to place my order and I’m planning on using a Eastwood versa-cut 60 but I don’t see it listed on compatible machines. I was wondering if anyone was using this unit on their table?

Unfortunately that is a high frequency machine and is not compatible with the Langmuir table. If your looking for a compatible plasma cutter in that price range, I would look into Everlast.

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Well… thanks for the reply. looks like I get to spend a little more money .:unamused:

If you got the money go with a hypertherm.I have had zero issues with my 45xp.

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I totally agree with you! I bought the ViperCut 30 with the table and kept having reliability issues while using on the table. So I ended up selling that to a friend and got the 45XP and couldnt be happier!

Thanks fellas, I appreciate the feedback.

Welcome ! You have found a great place and these guys n gals are like family and help with anything you need. Make sure to join the Langmuir Facebook group. I have learned a lot from there and tons of videos to help .

Thank you, I’ll look at it.