New guy from Las Vegas and I need help

Hey everyone. Well I ordered the plasma cutter and it came in 2 weeks ago. Everything was going ok, built it, downloaded everything for it. Started cutting today and that’s when everything went wrong. I was doing the cut with the razorweld cut45 on a 3/16 of metal and it didn’t cut all the way down. Now on YouTube they have a bunch of tutorials but sadly it’s with the viper 30. Anyone that can guide me? I don’t know if it’s because it was my first try. I followed the chart I found on the forum for amps.

What was your feed rate and amperage set to?
Was your plasma cutter grounded and what psi are you running at the machine?
Also, what size tip are you running?

Looks too fast (hard top dross).

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Feedrate is 100 in/min… I followed the YouTube video on that. Machine is set to 70psi… I didn’t move that at all. Ground is set as well

might slow it down a bit… try a feed rate of 40 or 50 as a starting point.
Also, refer to the cut chart that jamesdhatch started a while back. Very good starting point for amps/feed rates Razorweld cut charts

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So I turned it down… and now the machine is cutting super slow it looks like it’s in the same position for like 5 minutes.

Can you screenshot your feed rates on fusion?
Should be moving along, not sitting there. Make sure theres no decimal in front of that feed rate

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And it’s not been slowed down in the Mach3 control panel.

Any new progress on the cuts?

Hey sorry I didn’t reply soon. I was actually able to fix the issues. I am new at this so it was just getting use to everything. I am still learning… but hey I was able to make my husband a flip kit so I guess that’s good news.