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Hello, Just ordered Crossfire XL with the 45. Total Newbie. Real job is a Medical Lab Tech at local hospital. Ive done a lot of woodworking and now am trying my hand at the metal side. Watched lots of videos etc on the Langmuir stuff. I see the new Crossfires XL come with Firecontrol for cutting now instead of Mach 3. Anyone know if the software downloads the same as the pro? I was looking at the download for fire control and there was lots of reference to THC but I won’t have that. Do you just skip over it?? Still have to buy a PC for this system to, going to look a refurbished one. Thanks

Hey!! Welcome Todd… Always nice to see another from WI here…

Yes, I’ve seen the change in the Firecontrol/Mach 3 as well… I’ve got an XL set up here at home and wonder if this moves us closer to an offering of THC add-on for the older tables… It’s been talked about for some time already. I’m guessing time will tell…

I know originally, the Firecontrol software was not compatible with the XL’s electronics box… Sounds like that has possibly changed… I’d think you would just skip over the THC as you suggested. Maybe someone else will chime in with definates…

Good luck on working your way to those coveted “First Cuts” !!!

I think the original Mach 3 controller electronics have been replaced with the FireControl electronics. It’s not clear from the sales page and I haven’t seen any announcement or whatever describing this change. Any updates from @langmuirsystems?


This is whats listed on “whats included” area off the website for the crossfire. Looks like the upgrade is coming as stated.

  • FireControl CNC Control Software - developed by Langmuir Systems specifically for the CrossFire line of CNC Plasma Machines.
  • Upgradeable CrossFire Gen2 Electronics (Z-Axis, IHS, and ATHC upgrades coming soon!).
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