New from west Michigan

Just ordered and can’t wait for it to arrive. I am debating which plasma cutter to go with and was in between the razorweld x45 and the primeweld cut 60. Any input here on what is the right route? langmuir really thought the razorweld was the way to go. I am open to any and all input!

Where is SW MI? I’m in Mattawan (Kalamazoo). Pro on order for April.

I’m the Holland area

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Did you order the Pro?

Yes I ordered the pro coming in June.

FYI - I ordered the Razorweld 45 with mine… From other reviews, other than wanting a Hyperthern, not sure the Razorweld can’t do everything I need it to…

I have had the pro for about a month with the thc and the razor weld 45. it was nice to just plug it all in together and go . Still overcoming the same issues everyone else is . But all and all so far it’s been a great addition. I am in sw Michigan too (grass lake ).

I’m in Battle Creek area, waiting (impatiently) for my last box to ship. I went with the razorweld unit, from the research I did it will handle everything I want to do, at least for now. There are some threads that talk abut it consumables for the razorweld 45 machine you might want to look at. Looking forward to getting up and running.

Hey Tom. Welcome to the Forums!! Make sure you take the time to post some “first cuts” pics!! Good luck on the build!!

Have you received your crossfire yet? Just curious as mine will be coming in June and wanted to check on others in the area to see how things are going

Yes, last box arrived a week ago Monday. Unfortunately I’ve been so busy I haven’t even opened any of them. Hopeful :crossed_fingers: I’ll get a start on it tonight and maybe be up and running over the weekend sometime.