New from pittsburgh pa

hello im a welder fitter and i have been wanting a crossfire since i saw it on youtube. finally bought it. couldnt be any happier. first off i got my machine in about 2 weeks. i was fully expecring to wait a cpl months. its all set up and i had no problems setting it up to my primeweld cut 60. Im still learning for sure and run into some little problems but they all seem to be user error. this is a great forum with great very helpful members that i have learned alot from already. hopefully one day i can know enough to give some help back.

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thanks to everyone for thier input and help it has become a great place

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Welcome to the group!

Glad you made the leap. A great machine. I sold my crossfire and am now going to buy a Pro. I am in Bentleyville Pennsylvania.

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Can anyone tell me how to post other than just answering questions

Top right of the Forum home page is a box “+ New Topic”. Click on that.