New Crossfire xl wont fire plasma

Just received my new crossfire XL on Friday and put it all together on Saturday. Using a Titanium 45 amp plasma cutter and have wired correctly and have continuity for the trigger in the control box. I checked for a loose relay and pushed that in as well to make sure it was set correctly. The relay makes no sound when I select manual fire in the Firecontrol software and the torch does not fire. However, if I pull the trigger on the plasma torch’s trigger it does fire/work. I am thinking the relay is bad? Is there any way to check the relay? Or? Thanks…

Have you tried resetting the relay? Pull it all the way out and make sure it’s aligned with the pins and push it down firmly.

Might want to check your torch fire wires where you tapped into the harness on plasma cutter. Make sure you stripped to bare wire when removing the wire insulation. I soldered my connections , don’t use the supplied wire connectors, them things are garbage …
I use the titanium 45 with machine torch works great.

he’s not even getting that far. He said the relay isn’t clicking when trying to manual fire so he has to resolve that issue first.

Thanks for the response. Yes I tried that four times with no success. I also measured input coming from power source with manual torch in software on and off.

Sorry ,missed that part of post.