New and Looking to Buy

Hi, just signed up and I’m looking to buy a Crossfire XL. One question: is says “In Stock” but shipping in 5-6 weeks? Why the discrepancy?

Welcome to the Great World of CNC Plasma cutting!! The discrepancy may be because of trying to catch up with orders from the Covid slow down.

When I ordered my XL they were saying an 8 week delay. Imagine my surprise when 3 weeks later it was on it’s way to me. Better to under promise and over deliver :grinning:

Oh yeah and welcome! :grinning: Friendly knowledgable folks here and lots of good info.

Thanks, and thanks!

not all of us…I am grumpy and know very little…hahahahahaha


Thanks. Well, y’all seem to really like these machines, and I figured it’s not gonna get here any faster if I sit and contemplate. So, I ordered a Crossfire XL bundle in the wee hours this morning! I wish I could afford the Pro, but I have a lot of irons in the fire at the moment. In the meantime, I’ll be working on some designs!

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Well I didn’t want to scare him away :rofl:

I’m really happy with my XL. It fits what I do and more importantly it fits into my tiny little shop space.

It’ll arrive before you know it and in the meantime, be sure to load up the software in advance and start playing. That really helped me hit the ground running when I got it fired up. I use Inkscape for the arty stuff and Fusion 360 for my dimensional stuff and post processing but there’s lots of options out there. Loads of helpful video on the youtube. And the forum of course.

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