Need New Water Tray

Does anyone know how a new water tray cost for the pro table mine is warp form when i welded it.
thanks Tom

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Is it possible it will flatten enough when you fill it with water?

i have tried that

send an email to Langmuir Service request…they will put in touch with someone or be able to answer this…

Could you get a local metal shop to bend one up in a single piece, so you just have to weld the corners? Might be nice to have that price to compare.

I have a new one never used, Made a new one out of 12g stainless steel. don’t know what its worth.

I had bolts welded in mine and when bolted down it straightened out looked all twisted up before. Bottom is a little wavy but the slats don’t touch so it doesn’t matter

I’LL buy it at a decent price including shipping.