Need help with Sheetcam settings on my PRO - SOLVED

I just started using Sheetcam and I’m not sure if my settings are right. Can someone tell me why it doesn’t cut the pattern all the way around. It stops cutting before completing the whole cut. Attached is the .tap file and my settings.
HummingbirdWelcome2007 10x24.tap (94.6 KB)

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You’re pierce delay is only 0.06 seconds. This is far too short. It should be something like 0.6 seconds.

Pierce delay is off because Sheetcam won’t let me create the tool path with it on. It throws a warning error.

Ignore above I was thinking you said lead it but you said pierce delay. I’ll change that and see what happens.

In addition to the pierce delay I think your offset should be “No offset”. I expect the Little flower bits are too small for the double kerf that it’s going to try leaving with the inside offset you’ve got spec’ed.

That will likely eliminate the error you’re getting on these. That’s what the error is telling you - they’re too small to fit the operation you’ve defined. It’s a bit misleading because you’ve got no lead in defined.

Ok, I’ll try that.

Also make SURE you are using latest post (1.5) for sheetcam from LS. There was a problem with arcs in one of the previous version posts. Your pic looks similar to a problem someone else posted about…

Edit - looked at your .tap file - you are good…they added version number into the post output in 1.5 (a good idea)…

Yes, I’m using 1.5. For the larger areas what should the lead in be set to?

Pierce delay shouldn’t be off. It should be a number like 0.7 seconds. The 0.06 value you had was far too short.

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Yes, for some reason I thought you said lead in. I changed the pierce delay to 0.6. I’m going to try and cut it again. Thanks!

Changed the pierce delay to 0.6 and that fixed the problem. Thanks everyone!