Need help with a razor weld 45

My machine was cutting great, then I changed my consumables out(which I acquired from langmuir) , now all I get is a pilot arc???my plasma cutter is less than a yr old. It has less than 5 hrs on it. I tried to contact langmuir about swapping out my torch. But can’t find any contact info for em

Do you have the torch holder too tight?

If you are getting a pilot arc, then the work clamp (some times referred to as a ground) is not making good contact with the metal.


No I’ve got a good ground. When you pull the trigger, it fires for about half a second, then goes out.

Is air turned on?

Air pressure must be at least 65 psi with air flowing from the torch. You could have a bad electrode, the electrode sticking in the swirl ring, the electrode plunger sticking, etc. I would remove all the consumables push the air set switch and blow out the torch, then replace all the consumables with new ones and see what happens.

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The air is good. Clean and dry at 90 psi. I broke my torch head down to see what is going on. And when I assemble my torch with new consumables, as I’m screwing the retaining cap down, I noticed what I guess is the plunger, the rod that comes out the back side, it pushes out about .100-.125". Is it supposed to come out that far? Please help me someone.

65/70 psi on the gauge of the plasma cutter with air flowing from the torch. You should never take your torch apart. Pictures of the consumables may help.

I will be at the shop 8/12 till 5pm if you want to call me. I will try and help you get this taken care of.


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