Need help or input

Ok who can give me advice on this cutter I have my metal sheets 16guage cut to 24" x 24" . When I design my part to (sign) to be cut I make it 23"x23" i usually run the program once with the cutter off to make sure it’s going to not go past my material because I had that happen once I also clamp my work to my table so it doesn’t move and have ground clamp clamped to slat bed what I’m having issues with is it will cut each part move to next spot may light and go right out move to next part light and work fine cut out five more parts to the sign then not work for one is this a ground issue or to much water from the water table also I was cutting out a piece today and as far as I know my piece didn’t move as I said I had it clamped down but the cutter should have been cutting a little higher than what it was it’s like it dropped or the metal moved up . If this makes any sense someone please help it’s getting expensive for me with these mistakes and no way to go back and fix it without a new sheet of metal tried to post a picture of my work but says to big needs to be 10 megapixles so if you can explain that to me I’ll show you what’s going wrong thanks in advance

What happened to me was i got a small piece of the project before stuck to the top of a slat. set torch height there. when it got farther away it kept partial or miss cutting because torch height was to high. Other time a slat wasnt seated down good . . Now im over cautious and check it very well. May not have a thing to do with your issue. Just my mistakes that made me scratch my head. If in doubt i run a 4 inch grinder across the slats. warping metal causes havic also…Hope you figure it out soon.

Thanks for your input. I did cut a piece just prior and know I didn’t look to see if and pieces from previous run were stuck to slat bed

Hope the problem is that simple. And your very welcome

When working with thinner metal sheets the sheets will warp while cutting them (the water table helps control this).
I’ve been doing most of my work with 16Ga or 1/4" sheets, and have not put my water table on yet. I have found that if I’m doing a lot of cuts close together I need a stick to hold the metal down flat some times. You can minimize the need for the stick (hammer) with some clamps or drops of 1/4" sheet laid over area’s not being cut.

I hope that helps.

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