Need help converting image

I am trying to get this image

to cut out. I tried inkscape, but then I run it on fusion 360 ,but says it’s in 3d. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Is the shirt (I’m assuming it’s a photo of a t-shirt) picture the only one you have?

I also assume you want a vector right?

Yes that is all I got for pics. If its easier I thought about just doing this part. I just put it on inkscape and just saved it as a dxf file. I have no idea what I’m doing in inkscape.

I would encourage you to import this exact image into Fusion 360 and trace over it with lines and arcs. I think you will find that it will take just a few minutes.

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Here’s a version you might be able use if you’re looking to cut out a sign. I moved the letters down a bit and merged them with the bottom line as otherwise they would just fall out and separate. I also fixed the R and A so the inner shapes wouldn’t fall out as well.

I have an SVG as well as a DXF (2008-2013 version compatibility) but can’t upload them as the forum only seems to allow picture types (@langmuirsystems or @langmuir-daniel - you might want to enable SVG and DXF so people can share files or help troubleshoot things). I’ll PM you and try that route.

EDIT: Can’t send you a DXF or SVG in a PM either. PM me with your email and I’ll send them to you that way.

EDIT 2: with the new dxf & SVG attachment support I’m using this msg to test it :slightly_smiling_face:

MM Racing 1.dxf (276.2 KB)

SVG here: MM%20Racing%201

If you right click in the black space above you can save the image locally & it will download as an SVG, not an image file.

I have not received mine yet put watching a lot of U tube videos watch them they may help

I don’t have mine yet either but I have a laser & CNC router. You’re getting prepped the right way - check out videos & then if you can, start playing with Fusion to practice designing stuff. Then when you get the Crossfire you’ll have something to do on day 1.

I expect what people may be surprised with is the amount of time they spend cutting vs designing. The cutting is a small fraction of the whole process of getting a project out the door :slightly_smiling_face:

Best use of time waiting for our Crossfires is learning Fusion (oh and making sure the shop is prepped so stray hot sparks don’t set it on fire).

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The forum now allows for hosting svg and dxf files. Display for SVG may be a little hard to see on the dark background. DXF has no preview so will just look like a data file to download.

We are building a solution to share project files that will be better than using the forum but this should help people troubleshooting issues in the meantime.


Thanks! That’ll be great. On another forum I’m on we do a lot of community support for file issues and it’s a huge help. Also folks share designs with each other too.