Need help combining images

I am trying to make this all one piece. But cant figure it out on fusion 360. Any help would be appreciated.

Modify then combine?

I tried that. It tells me to click on which body I wanna combine, but I cant click on anything.

are you using the text tool on fusion?

Yes I am using the text tool.

Right click on text, “Explode text”, and then highlight and fix.

This is what I got done so far. But still cant figure out how to delete some of the lines.

Looking good, use hotkey “T” to trim each line.

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uou have to clock on edit sketch first

on the left side you see sketch 1 select it >right clock > edit sketch

than youll be able to trim the lines

I got it!!! Thank you everyone for helping. Greatly appreciate it.


Finally got to cut it out. Turned out great, just gotta clean it up and paint it.


Nice job. I like the style. With large steel signs you might want to go with thicker/wider fonts just from a proportionality perspective but this one is a pretty clean & clear design. It’s all aesthetics from now on :slightly_smiling_face: