Need a drain plug for the Pro

Anybody have the specs on the brass drain plug? or point me to a replacement at McMasterCarr.

Want to test my dimple die that I made. Dont have a table yet.



I eliminated mine before I even used the table,they are above the floor of the pan(without dimple-die being used),and bound to leak. I carefully tightened the original plug,and the sealing washer squished out in one spot,that was enough for me to know it would fail. Welded a 3/4" Pipe coupling to the bottom of each pan,with a ball-valve. Also,I sealed the center-seam as instructed,and it sat for a few weeks before I added water. Its been fine all week,temp dropped into low 30s last nite,just went out to shop,and center seam is dripping,so look into welding that as well,im doing it this wknd. If you want them,ill send you the original drains.Let me know

I believe I still have mine that I did not use that I will send to you for cost of shipping.