My Crossfire Pro Project thread

I’ve had my Crossfire pro up and running for a few months now. I’m not a production shop, more of a high volume enthusiast with the occasional commercial project thrown in. I’ve completed maybe 50-ish projects…and am very happy with the table design. I thought I’d make up the occasional Youtube video on the more interesting projects and share them here. So…here’s the first one. Some aluminum diamond plate range signs:


Here’s another one; made up about 175 stainless steel tags for fire hydrants for a local FD.


Another crossfire pro video; switching to a physan/sodium nitrite mixture for my table fluid, cleanup, and a new single piece stainless water tray

Here’s another video; this one is a little bit longer and doesn’t have quite as much CNC footage, but it is a good project that demonstrates what can be built using the table. Custom front winch bumper project for my Nissan Frontier:

Do you mind sharing what you paid for the one piece tray? Thanks.