Multiple Cut path in Single tap file Issue?

I’m needing helping figuring out what’s going wrong. I’m trying to cut a part that has two cut paths in one tap file, the part has two single lines is the reason for two cut paths. When it cuts the first path it does it perfect, no problem. When it goes to start the second cut path, just the lines, the torch has a delay and doesn’t fire in time before the torch starts moving, I cleared the cut path and cut just the line tool path on some scrap and it did fine so I combined it to the whole part file and then it did cut one of the lines at all. So then I just went to line in the gcode and started it there to get that cut and it worked.

So I don’t kno what my issue is, any help is greatly appreciated.

New consumables
.9 tip
Full version of Mach3

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not exactly sure what your problem is. sounds like your trying to cut just a line which is a open path.
I usually make these another setup on the same job and set the pierce delay very low to .1 or .2
and the settings should be set to CENTER.

IF YOU attach the file I can look at it.

you can do multiple set ups when your in your CAM section on FUSION setting your tool paths.
just have make sure they are all selected / highlighted at the end before you post process to send the entire job in one TAP file

what is the thickness of your material.
what is your material type your cutting?
what cutter are you using? ex. HYPERTHERM, RAZORCUT45/35 ETC…
what is your pierce delay setting?
.9mm nozzle so im assuming the material is fairly thick?

also I am unable to select the pictures you’ve attached and there fore unable to zoom in.

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The issue is when it goes to cut just the singular lines, which is the beginning of the second tool path, the torch starts moving before the torch fires not cutting the full line, I will try and upload the file when I get a chance but the single lines are on their own cutting path separate from the rest of the part. I am using an Everlast 50s, the pierce delay is set at 500, metal thickness is 14 gauge

Did you ever get help with this?

Not really but I think I figured it out on my own, it’s the common problem between windows 10 and mach3, my pierce delay was just to short I had tried all the common fixes such as changing to ms and a few of the others, till I finally just has to set the delay to 1000ms, havnt had any issues yet, cut a 57 pierce point piece recently with out it missing a beat, but I just wish I didn’t have to have that long of a delay

Yeah I’ve battled with that too. It seems it doesn’t quit sort it out. I’ve tried rubbing 400ms, 300ms, 200ms, etc but I still seem to be able to count one one thousand, two one thousand and then it starts. It’s a little frustrating.