MR-1 Support Group

Do you have anxiety about your delivery being delayed?
Have you checked your email every 10 minutes since August 29th hoping for an answer?
Have you already run 220V to your garage and cleaned out a space for an MR-1 to call home?
Did you already buy 500 pounds of concrete and wonder why?

Then this post is for you. You are not alone.

Hi, I’m MrMachine, and I’m a CNC Addict. I suffer from a common disease called Impatience.


We love you Mrmachine, we accept you and all your faults. I’m right there with you brother. :joy:


Amen brother…
And yes I do have 500 lbs of concrete sitting on the floor.


I’ve just been buying other tools. And working on building a Hossfeld bender too.

Got the power run and space cleared out. No concrete yet though! Now my date changed to Nov. 7-21.

Have my nema 10-30r in place but I still don’t understand why they decided on an obsolete receptacle. People in the electrical community question the choice. They think a NEMA 14-30 would have been a better choice so I have a 4 wire going to the outlet VS 3 wire just setting up grounding to the chassis. I have a home depot and lowes within 5 miles from my house as well as two hardware stores within a mile. lol

Hi my name is Heath and im a langmuir survivor

It’s gonna be ok @PEB

Where is a 10-30r plug mentioned? I saw the circuit quantities and amp ratings but never a specific plug called out.