Motors binding table out of square? ( Solved )

Hello. After seeing a few ideas for a storage space under the table i decided to install two pieces of 1/8" angle iron on the two sides of the table legs. And lay a piece of laminated plywood down on top of that. Before i welded and installed the angle and plywood the table worked great. Now, it seems the motors are binding. So i took out the plywood, and still wasnt working so i pit a relief cut in both pieces of angle iron. Still nothing. Goes for a few inches at 10-50ipm. At 100ipm will go the width of the table to within 8 inches of the fron and back, and 200+ ipm it wont move at all. I have tried to square it up but it isnt anymore out than what it was previously at 1/8". If anyone has any ideas it would be appreciated. I do have a video, but it is an mp4 format and not able to upload. I can email the video if interested. Thanks.

Did it jog prior to weld angle on?

Yes, it ran great been using it for months without any real problems.

Oh it definitely had to have drawn is one direction or another. Shouldn’t be hard to fix . Wish I could tell you where to start.

Haha, yeah. Ive tried squaring up the table a few different ways, but to no avail. Sleep on it. And try again in the morning i guess.

Loosen your lead nut bolts and jog it back and forth a few inches at low speed then tighten them back.

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Does it bind in both x and y

Loose Motor electrical plug on the electronics enclosure?

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One thing you might do. When I put my table together I changed all of the nuts out with nylon locking nuts, it only cost me about $4 and it will keep everything good and tight so vibration will not be an issue.

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It doesnt bind in x axis just y.

I will check this morning.

Like @Heath said I would take lead screw nuts loose. With them off you can also make sure gantry slide freely

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Thank you, i wouldnt have checked this until later because i never touched the plugs. But the RH Y axis motor plug had come loose. And now, we are back in business. Thank you everyone for your input, and thank you for words of advice. LETS GET CUTTING!!