'Mornin from the high Rockies

Howdy all. Old guy here who is new to the CNC game and anxiously awaiting my Pro.

I just sold my ancient ESAB 875 and am looking for a Hypertherm of Thermal Dynamics 40 amp machine to replace it.

Happy to be a part of this community though. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and there are a lot of helpful people on here

welcome…yes there are a lot of helpful people here…except me…I am a grumpy old man…hahahahahaha

just remember a couple of key points when asking for guidance…

  • provide as much information on your system and setup so we know when reading the issue what we are all dealing with…
  • the little magnifying glass at the top right of the screen…it is a great tool…can help answer a lot of questions…mind you sometimes it does add confusion…

Howdy, Yasherka
Why did you pick the Pro? What features are important for you?

BTW, interesting nickname

welcome Aliced…

advantages for the pro…

  • large enough table to do most work…but not too big to take up shop space, but not to small to make you wish for bigger
  • the Torch Height Control…is the best feature on the table…yes all bigger more expensive tables have it
  • Price…one of the key factors…best price for an entry level table…
  • entry level table…real good product to help learn and play with a table and see if you want to continue with plasma CNC cutting
  • small and cost wise perfect to make money…get established to go bigger if you want…also just the right fit if you want a serious hobby machine.
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Hi Aliced,
In addition to the many that @toolboy mentioned, the cost/performance ratio was key AS WERE the reviews of customer service from Langmuir Systems.

Why did I choose the Pro over the other models? I did not like that the standard model only supported the gantry on one side. I know it doesn’t seen to be a problem, it just isn’t my glass of whiskey. Additionally at the time of my decision it was not available with a torch height controller.

My nickname is my wife’s pet name for me. Yasherka (Яшерка) is Russian for “little lizard”

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so true…

The advantage of that design is it lets you use material that is larger than the table in both dimensions. The Pro limits you to oversized materials in only one dimension that you can slide longer stock in over the water table.