Miller 625 Extreme not re-firing after move

I have a new Miller 625 Extreme with the machine torch, attached to the CrossFire Pro table with THC. Running Crossfire V20.3.
cutting 1/8" plate at 35A, with a 70IPM rate of travel and a .4 sec pierce delay

When I initially ran a program, it would make the first cut just fine, and error out at the start of the next cut. I could restart the program from the error, and it would make that cut, and error out again at the start point of the next cut.

I just installed the THC controller update v1.09, and now it seems to continue moving after the first cut without error, but the torch does not re-fire at the start of the cut, and the THC does not error out due to no arc.

It seems like the Miller is waiting 5 seconds after 1 cut is finished, before it will reestablish an arc.
Has anyone else experienced this behavior? Is this delay normal?

Yep - same setup here. If you are using Fusion360 - I found setting the pierce delay to about 1.2 seconds worked for me. You may have to play with this some to find right value.

See comment from Langmuir-Daniel in this thread.