Mid program will lose arc

This thing has been a complete nightmare, one problem after another! So changed my consumables last night, loaded new program it makes one simple cut jumps over to start on a letter cut out, half way through it stops mid process. So I move to the other side of the material and try again. Same problem not in the same location though. Decided to just try a different program and same problem half way through a cut it just stops. Multiple times. Any ideas? Fresh consumables, grounds good, everything’s plugged in? Very confusing!

Now it’s going down to pierce but not arcing… but not seeing any codes appear?

What cutter? What’s your air supply, what are you designing with? Pictures? Where is your ground/work clamp?

Using the razor weld 45 I bought with the table. Ground is on the material itself. I was just using it, let me see if I can attach some pictures . Air supply is fine, like I said it’s cut fine before, now just can’t get an arc. When I get home I’ll take the nozzle off and try another fresh set of consumables just to make sure.

Up the internal reg to around 75-80 psi… it’s probably set low from factory.

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I can raise the head up and manually arc the torch off just fine if that makes this easier

People have said their air supply was fine in the past and they end up being on a 4 gallon pancake. I can’t find where you said it was cutting fine before, just that you’ve had a lot of problems. If you don’t want to disclose your air supply for some reason, ok.

If you want free help on your specific terms, then you may end up waiting a while.

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It’s a 20 gallon 200 psi air compressor, not the best for the set up, but have been using it since I got the table and it’s managed to do what I need.

Well, I would see where the pressure is at when the cut fails before going any further on troubleshooting. It seems that cuts failing like you’ve described can be a few things.

Ground interference from having computer plugged in while cutting (torch will raise throughout cut until it fails)

Bad consumables (you can eff your consumeables up faster than you think)

Lack of air

Your compressor will work for short cuts but will need time to catch up. As soon as you try a longer cut you are absolutely going to run low on air and the cut will suffer until there’s not enough air to keep the arc going.


I have a 20 gallon compressor also…but I have a 60 gallon reserve tank…that way I can maintain flow.
having 200psi means nothing if you do not maintain air flow.
here is a simple description of the differance

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I am also having arc issues.
HF titanium 45
Kobalt 60 gal 2 stage 7.6 scfm@ 90 psi
HF compressed air dryer
90 psi going to the cutter

Cutting 16ga at 32 amps

What I don’t get is that it will cut great for a while and then it will loose arc consistently until I get pissed and shut it down.

What’s speed are you cutting at and where is your ground? (Work clamp)

Is your computer plugged in to a grounded plug?

Getting the same issue last night . Losing my mind . Sometimes the torch raises up than I have to reload that line of code , sometimes it works . If I’m cutting a sign out at the last cut the torch raises up . I’m not sure if it’s a software issue because this never happened before . I was up til midnight and my wife yelled at me to go to bed :joy: