Metal Types Questions

I contacted support and instead of getting answers got the request closed without an answer, is that a prediction about their support?

Anyone knows if can cut Aluminum type 6061 0.100" thickness and how the edges look like, either clean or rough.

The question about cutting 6061 .100 is best directed to the plasma cutter manufacturer you intend to use with the crossfire table.


Langmuir support is great…they are very helpful when problems or questions come to them about the function of their product.

when you ask questions about something their product really has no factor in you can understand why they did not answer.

Like @Joel48 joel said talk to the manufacturer of the plasma cutter…or ask in the forum…there is alot of help in the forum.

make sure to include…
Plasma machine
Pro table or OG table
also good to include if you have good dry air and a good a sized compressor.

you will get some pretty good answers I expect.

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Nothing to do with the table. Any plasma cutter will cut aluminum but cut quality depends on your plasma cutter and condition of air. The better the air the better the cuts in aluminum if you really need clean cuts without using a laser or waterjet nitrogen is the best air for plasma cutting aluminum but costs add up using it.


Sorry about that, our support team knows not to cancel support tickets without a response. I’ll look into it.


Okay I would make it easy as it seems went over logic, plasma cutter is the one recommended by the manufacturer, if it is recommended it is expected to be the best fit. Thanks

do not get us wrong here…we see your point…
if you post you plasma machine type there are a lot of people who have cut just about anything under the sun and will gladly provide some settings for you…

But @Fortifyfabworks is bang on…you want pretty and clean…there are better options out there for aluminum

Thanks everybody!

For the price point… and who would work with them to provide machines and potentially assist with the development of the table or take suggestions for improving the cutter (like adding a CNC port).

I cut 120 aluminum 6061 T6 plates .250" thick this last week end. I use the RazorCut 45, 45amp X 40ipm. cut very good. The edge is a little fuzzy looking but hardly any dross. I used plain compressed air. The plates have a 2.375" dia. hole that a pipe is welded into so the cut didn’t have to be real smooth. The outer cuts were fine according to the buyer. The cuts aren’t real smooth but not real rough either. It is going to depend on what is good for you.


do you have any close up pic from the cuts?

My rig cuts 1/8" 6061 very reliably at 40A 100ipm. My compressed air is very dry and set at 90psig (no flow). Cutter is PrimeWeld CUT60


you might want to go back and change the title of this email thread…take out the bad support…


If anyone can upload pics of the results of cutting 6061 will be appreciated

Your response to @toolboy 's suggestion would be appreciated too.


Only pic I have available of a 6061 cut and that’s a 1mm thick RC Helicopter, Swash-plate Anti-rotation Bracket.

perfect! thank you boss!

I am unable to send pictures of the plates that I just cut but here are some others. 1/4" and 3/16" plates. All were cut with the same Amps but the speed was a little different.

sorry that they are a little blurry.


works for me, thanks boss!

look great to me…as I finish off my 3rd scotch…I wonder if they get blurry after 4?