Metal storage ideas

My sheet storage solution was to use the narrow space in the corner next to my CFP. I layed a 5’ piece of scrap lightweight I beam on shop floor (channel would work), welded two pieces angle for verticals and one piece horizontal angle to tie verticals togeter and attach them to the wall. The single vertical section supports the weight of 4’ wide sheets (around 30 pcs. - 16ga - 1/4") and makes it easy to insert and remove sheets


I built a 12 foot long 2 foot wide table with castors. I put three racks under the table for storage of tube and strap and on the back I intend to have vertical sheet storage. This accomplished three goals for me. The top surface serves as an excellent base for chop saw and material support for longer pieces of stock. Being on castors it allows me to pull table away from wall and access material stored under table. In this way I only lose 20 feet of wall space rather than 30 or more. If the table didn’t roll then I wouldn’t be able to pull material out of it if anything else were positioned at the end of the table. I built this table the same height as my welding table to help fabricate larger builds if necessary as well. So far it works quite well.

I use the 3000# drywall carts…I have 11 of them!