Material sourcing

Where do you guys source your sheet metal? Online or local? If online, any recommendations are much appreciated.

I think this would be really dependent on where you are originally.

I’m in British Columbia and there’s quite a few steel suppliers.

Varsteel is a decent one in Canada.

Normally I’ll have my metal sheared up into thirds to fit easily on the pro.

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Great point! I’m in the US.

The Brazil in your name was throwing me off that’s why I asked the question.

You could check out bigger fabrication shops in your area to see if you could source out some drops for a good discount.

Those same Big welding fabrication shops might be able to give you pricing on material too.

Drops: are the leftovers for when companies sheer out blanks for their intended products.

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I don’t think online sources would be cost effective. The shipping cost would eat up any price discount. Plus buying local supports local business too.,, mcmaster is a little pricy but pretty hassle free.

I’d look for drops. I get great deals on them (scrap price) and some are pretty big. I got a piece 55"x59" of 16ga hard to believe it was considered a drop.