Machine torch's will be here next week

Was going to revamp a old thread but with all the price changes though it better to start a new one.

I will have some PTM 60 and TM70/X45 machine torch 's still left after the pre-orders are filled. If you want one please let me know.

Also I have 30’ PTM 60 and TM70/X45 machine torch,s on order for the NEW XR TABLE and will be taking orders.

After filling all the machine torch orders I still have 3- PTM60, 3- PTM80 and 4- TH70/X45 if anyone would like one please contact me.

The 30’ PTM60 and TH70/X45 machine torch’s will be here in about 3 weeks.

Update: The 20’ Tecmo PTM60 machine torch’s will be here next week.

Tecmo is only sending me 10 PTM60 torch’s at this time and said more will be shipped in November. So if your thinking about a machine torch you may want to get it now.

Also I still have (5) Tecmo 30’ X45/Flame machine torch’s still in stock for the RAZORWELD 45.