Machine Torch + Hypertherm xp45 + CrossFire Pro

Hey Guys, I know this topic has been discussed before and I have looked over the forum but I just want to understand all of my options before I spend all this money.

Currently I have a Hypertherm XP45 without the cpc control for cnc and is equipped with a handheld torch. I’d like to use this unit with the CrossFirePro, my plan is as of right now to purchase the CrossFirePro along with the torch height controller, the cabling required to connect the Hypertherm to the Crossfirepro and the machine head holder.

And to purchase elsewhere the cpc kit from Hypertherm to install into my machine and the machine head torch from Duramax I believe.

Does this make sense? I understand it is the most expensive route but I believe it will allow me to still use my handheld torch easily by just swapping it out and it saves me modifying my handheld unit and my hypertherm. Also I believe the cut quality should be better.

So I’m just looking for anyone else’s experiences trying to accomplish this and how it worked for them or how they may have done it differently.

Thanks for any advice on this!

I agree on buying the additional torch. The machine torch can be left on the Crossfire so you don’t need to square it everytime you change consumables. You also won’t have it twisting in the mount like you do with a hand torch in the mount.

When you want to cut by hand you can just unplug the machine torch and plug in your hand torch. Easy peasy.

I made my own CPC cable & connector though. There are instructions posted in the forum and it’s about $20 in parts and 10 minutes work vs the $90 the HT cable costs.