Machine torch for cutmaster 102

Running a cutmaster 102 on my crossfire pro , and would like to upgrade to a machine torch . Do I need an automation interface kit ?

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Yes you will need the interface and a SL100 machine torch.

There is a cheaper option that I have tested. You can get 7-7725 semi-mechanized torch which has a handheld trigger to fire the arc. The torch has a pigtail coming out of the atc connector at the end of the torch and that is what the handheld trigger plugs into. They also sell the torch without the handheld trigger and it’s a couple hundred bucks cheaper and it is part number 7-5215. You can either cut the pigtail off of the torch and wire the firing cable directly to the wires or you can buy the mating end of the connector and put that on the torch fire cable from the plasma table. The way I figured it out is I bought 2 machine torches from offerup one was a sl100sv with the solenoid valve and the other was the 7-5215. I kept the sl100sv for myself and gave the other torch to my friend who has a cutmaster 82 and that is how we wired to his table. We did have to use raw arc voltage for the automatic torch height control, the manual shows exactly which post to use inside the cutter.

Thank you very much for the help