Machine runs for 5-10 lines then stalls in one spot

I’m having a problem, when running a program (part code) while trying to cut the piece the torch will stall 5 - 10 lines into the g code I’m not able to pause or stop the program until i unplug the USB cord or turn off the table. the program will run perfect when ran without the torch turned on or plasma cutter turned on without a ground. i have tried to cut 3 different part programs with the same results. I’m using fusion 360 and Mach3 my plasma cutter is a Firepower FP- 38 (30A) (generic cutmaster 38) with a Thermal dynamics SL-60 torch I have contacted the manufacturer and the have re assured me that it is a blow-back machine.
Thanks Will

What happens if you move the plasma unit and/or the laptop away from the Crossfire control box?

You may be getting interference from your electronics - try a USB cable with a choke like this one:

You may also want to grab a 2.5mm m/f extension cable for the cutter to control unit connection although that one is pretty long already. What you’re trying to do is get max space between your control box and the things that generate a lot of RF interference.

I was a little unclear as to what you meant with regards to the ground. Do you have the ground clamp attached to the material and plugged snugly into the plasma power unit?

When i first started i got so excited that i didn’t attach the ground from the plasma. Thanks for the help! I figured the problem out the extension cord i used for the table didnt have a ground prong on it, i changed out the cord for a grounded cord now all is well . Thanks for the help this forum is great people that actually want to help each other!!!

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Have fun cutting now :slightly_smiling_face: