Machine leveling

is there anyone in the phoenix area that might be able to help me get this machine leveled? I am finding the videos more than useless in this. I got it leveled down the middle and tried to level it side to side but the closest I can seem to get it is about 1/8 inch before one or the other casters come off the ground and it does nothing and i rechecked the middle level again and it has been thrown off. This is infuriating.

Hey man, sent you a message.

This has happened to a few customers. The fix is pretty straightforward. Break loose the nuts inside the ‘Langmuir’ tube on each end. Back them off a turn or two. You should find that casters are effective at flattening out the table. If not, push down on the slat surface.

Once complete, tighten those nuts back up and double check the torch tracking.


I have done this. My table is so far off in construction. It can’t be leveled through those means. The floor it is sitting on is perfectly level. It is at least .125 out of adjustable range. I have gone ahead and loosened all pivot points attempting to straighten this and all i have accomplished is throwing my x axis out of true.