Mach3 Profile Changes

My father has installed fusion and mach3 his laptop. We keep running in to an issue where Mach3 opens and it has changed its default home screen to a Mill setup rather than the standard plasma. The only way I have been able to fix this to uninstall mach3. Delete the mach3 folder from the C drive and then reinstall it.

I hope there is an easier/ quicker fix to get around this issue in the future if it happens again.

Thanks in advance for any help.

are you clicking on the “Mach3 loader” icon on the desktop? if so, are you selecting the crossfire profile from the list that pops up next?

Yes. He is selecting the Mach3 loader icon and the crossfire profile. I have deleted all other profiles and the 2 other shortcuts that Mach3 installs to be safe.

if your table is hooked up and powered on when u load your g code all should show plasma setup

@Mackley Did you ever figure out what the cause of this was and how to fix it? My Mach 3 just started doing this…


Sadly I could never resolve what caused it. I had to uninstall Mach3 and delete all supporting files and then reload. (Knock on wood) this hasn’t happened since. I reached out to Mach3 support and never heard back. Best of luck.

It’s not too hard to accidentally ‘touch’ the Mach 3 configuration and, if you do, it will prompt you to save the change. If you do save, it will overwrite the working configuration.

Seems downloading just the Crossfire configuration should restore it, however. Unless you’ve changed it and not saved it elsewhere…

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